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Things To Practice After Graduating From Your CCW Training

22 Mar

Graduating from a CCW training gives you the pistol training and know-how to safely and confidently carry a concealed weapon in public, but it’s never a bad idea to practice some of the fundamentals you’ve been taught before you actually begin carrying the firearm in public areas. You can practice a wide range of things […]

5 Storage Tips For Fireworks

14 Jul

If you have leftover fireworks from the fourth of July or have recently purchased discounted fireworks for sale, then you will want to make sure you store them properly until you plan to use them. Proper firework storage not only keeps your fireworks in good condition, reducing the risk of duds, but it also serves […]

3 Child Toy Gun Alternatives To NERF Guns

28 Jun

When visiting toy aisles at big box stores, it always seems like they are offering the same types of toy guns. If you’re looking for something outside the box for your child, then you can find a number of options outside of the big retailers. NERF guns may dominate the market, but there are a […]