Three Center Console Boat Console Styles

Posted on: 1 July 2022

Center console boats come in many different sizes, so it's worthwhile to think carefully about what size of vessel you want. If you favor being on the water alone or with just one person, you can find a small boat. For those who enjoy the idea of outings with large groups of people, a bigger boat will be optimal. One thing to consider when you shop for a center console boat is the style of the console itself. You'll spend lots of hours standing or sitting at the console in the years ahead, so it's important to choose the type of console you want. Here are three styles that you'll come across.


You can expect to see a variety of center console boats that have an open-style console. These consoles hold all the instruments you need to control your boat, but they tend to have a smaller size. They're common on boats that are on the smaller side. If you like the idea of standing out in the fresh air and sun, an open-style console will be the best choice for you. On a small boat, an open console won't seem bulky, which can make it easy to navigate around the vessel.


Another design to consider is a console that has a roof. The console will have two or more posts on its sides that support a roof. The roof can vary in size but will be large enough to cover the area behind the console where you sit or stand. On some boats, the roof also extends to each side to provide additional shelter. With this type of console, you'll still enjoy the breeze on your face as you travel, but have a shaded spot to stand. If it starts to rain while you're out on the water, the roof will help to keep you dry.


The console that offers the most protection from the elements is an enclosed console. It has a roof, windshield, and sides, and generally has an open back so that you can move in and out with ease. Enclosed consoles are a good choice for boaters who expect to be out when the weather is cold and rainy. Spending the majority of your outing in this dry space will keep you comfortable. Enclosed consoles are common on larger center console boats, but you may occasionally find this style on boats that are smaller, too. Visit a local boat dealer to check out its center console boats.

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