Waterfowl Hunting Backpack: Hunting In Bad Weather

Posted on: 23 February 2021

If you're hunting waterfowl this winter and spring, you will likely encounter one of the toughest parts of hunting: foul weather. When you're cold and wet, you're probably not focusing on your hunting. Because waterfowl hunting takes you to lakes, rivers, marshes, and swamps on days where the weather has most people bundled up indoors, you may need to take extra steps to keep dry.

Here are some adjustments you can make when the weather is tough.

Staying Dry

Waterfowl hunting backpacks for sale on the Internet are plentiful. The sheer multitude of options can be overwhelming. One way to choose the right waterfowl hunting backpack for your hunting needs is consider both size and weatherproofing.

  • Packing It Up: If your hunts are on a watercraft (boat, kayak, canoe) or you're able to travel via an ATV, you can probably get away with a bigger, heavier, backpack. However, if your hunts involve prolonged hikes, a smaller, lighter backpack might be more your style.
  • Weatherproofing: Waterfowl hunting backpacks fall into two categories, weatherproof and waterproof. Weatherproof means that they can handle some moisture but probably won't hold up to an entire day in the rain/snow or a prolonged submersion in water. If your waterfowl hunts are most on dry land and/or if you live in a drier climate, you can probably save some money by opting for a weatherproof backpack. If, however, you need a waterproof backpack, look for options with welded seams and double-reinforced compartments.

Practical Adjustments

Small adjustments to your waterfowl hunting game can make a big difference. Consider theses practical adjustments before your next hunt in foul weather.

  • Bag It Up: Plastic sandwich bags are cheap and surprisingly tough. If you need to protect valuable electronic equipment from water damage, throwing your gear in a few quart-sized freezer bags can do the trick. Spending a little extra money for freezer bags with sliding lids can reduce the risks of ripping in your waterfowl hunting backpack.
  • Moisture Wicking: one of the biggest issues with waterproof hunting gear and clothing is that sweat can pool against your skin, making you cold and uncomfortable. You can shortcut this problem by opting for a moisture-wicking layer close to your skin. Although these moisture-wicking options are probably available on hunting apparel websites and stores, you can probably find them cheaper at general sporting goods suppliers. These types of garments are very popular for both football and basketball athletes.