Three Benefits Of Pistol Silencers

Posted on: 26 October 2020

Whether you enjoy going out on the range with your firearms or just want to go in the backyard of your rural property to shoot a few rounds, there can be several reasons why you should consider a pistol silencer. Not only does it benefit you, but it can also benefit those around you, keeping everybody safe and having a good time in the process.

Below are a few reasons to get a pistol silencer. If you have any questions or need more information, contact your local sporting goods store for more information.


Gun safety is the most important component when dealing with any type of firearm, but 9mm and pistol silencers don't protect against somebody getting injured by bullets as much as they protect against hearing loss. While a few rounds will be enough to damage your hearing, several thousand over the course of your lifetime will certainly cause you to need a hearing aid later in life. Research has proven that suppressors lower the sound of pistol shots by 30 dB and can also reduce the sound of in pulse pressure, where the initial sound of a gunshot by an even greater degree. Simply put, having a suppressor is a safe and responsible way to enjoy discharging your firearm.


Even if you're a crack shot, having a pistol silencer may actually improve your accuracy on the range or in competitions. Recoil on any weapon can be significant, but pistol silencers reduce the recoil by working against the gas pressure that is created during a gunshot. While some would complain that silencers alter the angle of the bullet as it leaves the gun ever so slightly, most often, the result is a smaller grouping on the target sheet.


Anyone that has ever been to an indoor gun range knows how loud that experience can be. The sounds of bullets ricocheting around the room can lead to not only an unpleasant time, but it can even be heard outside the range if it's not insulated properly. This means that not only the people shooting next to you are affected but potentially neighbors as well, who can always lobby their local city council to have the gun range shut down permanently. Since everyone that shows up at the range is there to have a good time, using a pistol silencer is one of the best ways to do your part in making sure everyone enjoys their weapons.