Things To Practice After Graduating From Your CCW Training

Posted on: 22 March 2017

Graduating from a CCW training gives you the pistol training and know-how to safely and confidently carry a concealed weapon in public, but it's never a bad idea to practice some of the fundamentals you've been taught before you actually begin carrying the firearm in public areas. You can practice a wide range of things in your home (as long as you're practicing ammunition-free, of course), as well as at your local gun range. The more you go through these motions, the more confident you'll feel carrying your gun and needing to draw it.

Drawing The Weapon

If your life or the life of someone around you is being threatened, your ability to draw your weapon and get it into a firing position can be the difference between life and death. Provided that you remove the magazine and the round in the chamber, you can practice this important step at home. Simply conceal your weapon in its holster and dress as you would when out in public. Then, you can practice pulling out the weapon and having it at the ready. There are two types of draw to practice — one is to pull the weapon out and bring it up to fire. The other is to pull the weapon discreetly and keep it at your side in the event you need to use it.

Reloading The Weapon

Ideally, you'll never find yourself having to fire your weapon, much less empty the magazine and have to reload. If you are in this situation, however, feeling familiar with the process will be important. Visit your local gun range and practice emptying a clip and then ejecting the empty clip and reloading the weapon. Don't place the new magazine on the stand in front of you; instead, keep it in your concealed holster so that the practice of pulling it out will be more authentic.

Moving Without Revealing The Weapon

You never want to broadcast the fact that you're carrying a concealed weapon, so you can practice moving around your home (with an unloaded firearm) to get comfortable with doing so. For example, if you're wearing a holster on your hip with a shirt pulled over it, you'll want to practice how to keep that side of your shirt pulled down when you lean to the opposite side, rather than allowing the shirt to slide up and expose the firearm. Try these techniques over and over until you can confidently move and keep the weapon covered without thinking about it.