Keep Your RV Interior Dry During Off-Season Storage With These Tips

Posted on: 22 March 2017

If you use your RV for only part of the year, you'll want to put just as much thought into storing the vehicle for the off-season as you do into packing it for a road trip. Finding a storage center for your RV, such as Drydock Depot RV Boat Storage, is ideal, as you won't have to keep the vehicle in your driveway for the months that you're not using it. Beyond identifying this storage facility, you'll also need to think about keeping the interior of the vehicle dry. Doing so will prevent mold from growing and leaving you with a mess when you retrieve the vehicle. Here are some tips for achieving this goal.

Remove Anything Damp

You should never store your RV immediately after your last road trip of the fall or summer. Instead, it's important to meticulously go through the vehicle to remove anything damp that may encourage the growth of mold while the RV is stored. For example, if you have wet towels left from a visit to the beach, or even wet cleaning cloths that you used to wipe down sticky surfaces in the kitchen area, it's imperative to remove these items. It's also a good idea to let the vehicle sit with its windows open to get the interior as dry as possible before storage.

Keep The Roof Vents Open

RVs are typically equipped with one or more roof vents. When you're spending time in the vehicle, keeping these vents open will provide you with some fresh air, but they're also valuable during the storage season. It's generally a good idea to leave these vents open when you store the vehicle. The vents contain screens, so you won't have to worry about pests getting inside, and the air flow will keep the interior of the vehicle dry to reduce the risk of mold growth.

Use Some Moisture-Absorbing Packs

When you buy a new pair of shoes, for example, the box will often contain a small pouch labeled "Do Not Eat." This item is a moisture-absorbing pack, and is good to keep. If you gather a handful of these packs over the years, you can use them in various applications around your home, including placing them in your RV during storage. These packs are designed to absorb any humidity in the air, thus reducing the risk of mold growth. If you haven't bought shoes lately and don't have any of these packs, you can easily buy them online.