Three Common Problems New Firearm Owners Should Watch For

Posted on: 10 January 2017

As a new firearm owner, it's important that you understand some of the most common issues that you may experience with your firearm. Knowing the potential problems that you might encounter will help you to spot serious concerns before they become safety hazards. Here are a few things to watch for.

Scattered or Inaccurate Hits

If you're finding that bullets aren't grouping close together, it may be because the sight isn't properly aligned. Sometimes, the misalignment of the sight can lead to errant shots, loose groupings, and other similar problems.

In order to overcome these types of problems, you'll need to focus on a single sight. Spend lots of time practicing so that you can learn how to overcome the variance through the sighting channel. You'll also need to focus heavily on your breathing, trigger control, and grip. That minimizes the jerking and movement of the gun and trigger.

Low Target Hits

If the bullets are striking the target lower than you want them to, it could be the result of many things. Be attentive to your physical response as you handle the gun. You may be jerking the trigger or tightening your fingers as you fire.

To minimize the effects of any of these issues, spend some time strengthening your focus on the front sight. Don't look over the sight, because that can lead to shooting too low. You'll also want to practice shooting so that you can minimize the movement of your hands, trigger, and fingers when you shoot. The goal is for only the trigger to move, and it should only move straight back and then be released.

Pushing The Gun

One common problem for novice shooters is anticipating the recoil. This is a problem because it can cause you to dip the firearm downward in anticipation before you actually shoot, an action referred to as pushing the gun. Even a subtle downward motion may lead to bullets landing much lower on their targets than you intended, because that angle can be exaggerated during bullet travel. If you find that you have a hard time managing the recoil in the gun you've chosen, you may need to buy a smaller caliber firearm.

Understanding these common problems with managing firearms will help you to spot trouble and take corrective action. If you're unsure about the firearm that you purchased or the best ammo for your gun, talk with a local gun shop, such as Shawano Shooters Supplies, for more help.