Putting Your Bass Boat In Storage For The Winter? How To Get It Ready

Posted on: 11 November 2016

If you have a bass boat that you are going to put in storage for the winter, it is important that you do this correctly so you will not have problems. Below are some tips on storing it the right way so it will be ready for fishing when you take it out.

Get the Outboard Motor Ready

First, change the filter element on the outboard motor. This will keep debris from getting into the motor. When you are finish doing this, fill the gas tank approximately 95 percent full. Add some fuel stabilizer. There will be information on the fuel stabilizer on how much you should add to the gas. The stabilizer is very important as it will keep the fuel from deteriorating while in storage. If you fill up the tank with gas it will cause problems. This is because the gas will expand and the gas will then get into the overflow vents.

After you add the fuel stabilizer run the boat for approximately 10 to 15 minutes so it will mix in with the gas.

Add some antifreeze to the motor so water will not freeze. Instead, the water will drain out of the motor. Refer to the owner's manual for the motor on the type of antifreeze you should use and how much you should add.

Change the oil in the lower unit and fill the oil tank full with oil. Clean and lubricate all gears with oil or grease.

Clean the Boat

Give the decks and hull a scrubbing to remove slime, grime and other debris. You can purchase cleaner specifically made for cleaning bass boats anywhere they sell boats or online. Thoroughly clean the outside of the boat and put a good coat of wax on it to protect the paint. Open the seacocks and let all water drain out.

Clean out any storage areas, refrigerator locks and anything that will mildew over the winter. Leave all storage doors and the refrigerator locks open to they can have good air circulation. You can purchase mildew control bags to place throughout the boat to help control mildew.

When you finish cleaning your boat let it completely dry out before you put it in storage.

Talk with a boat manufacturer like All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo or boat mechanic about other things you need to do to get your boat ready for winter. They will likely have many other tips to give you to keep your boat in good shape.