5 Storage Tips For Fireworks

Posted on: 14 July 2016

If you have leftover fireworks from the fourth of July or have recently purchased discounted fireworks for sale, then you will want to make sure you store them properly until you plan to use them. Proper firework storage not only keeps your fireworks in good condition, reducing the risk of duds, but it also serves to keep your home and the people in it safe from potential accidents. When you are storing your fireworks, these are the five things you should consider. 

Keep Moisture Away From Your Fireworks 

Even small amounts of moisture, caused by heavy humidity or an accidental spill, can ruin the powder in your fireworks. If the powder gets wet and more compact than it should be, then you risk your fireworks either not going off at all, or exploding all at once as opposed to in the order the firework was designed to ignite. This can not only cause disappointment, but also injury to whoever is lighting the fireworks.

To make sure your fireworks stay dry throughout the year, you should store them in a waterproof container. Ideal options include plastic storage bins with a secure lid or metal boxes. An old ammunition box from your local military surplus store would make a good choice. You should not store your fireworks in a cardboard or wooden box, as this will allow moisture in. 

Keep Sparks Away From Your Fireworks

A small spark can ignite your fireworks, causing a chain reaction in your storage box. For this reason, you should store your fireworks away from hot areas and away from open flames. For example, a hot attic or a basement with a boiler are not ideal options for storing fireworks. Instead, opt for a cool, dry shed or garage. Also, you do not want any material in the fireworks box which can catch on fire. Store the fireworks by themselves, not wrapped in paper or cloth. 

Contain Potential Hazards 

If your fireworks somehow ignite while they are in storage, it is important to contain the potential damage. A secure metal box is your best option for containing fireworks. If you opt for a plastic storage bin instead, make sure that it has thick walls and that its lid can be sufficiently secured with latches rather than simply popping onto the lip of the container. 

Store Fireworks Away From People 

Fireworks should not be stored in your home, because if they ignite, they are likely to cause injury to residents. Unfortunately, fireworks are commonly banned from most self-storage units, so you will not be able to store them in a rented storage unit. Your best option for storage is a detached garage or a storage shed on your property. If you do not have a detached shed, you may look around for a private rental option with your friends or neighbors. If you must store the fireworks in your home, make sure they are away from where people sleep. If there is no boiler, a basement or crawl space can make a decent storage area.  

Keep Fireworks Locked Up 

While not in use, fireworks should be kept locked up. This will prevent curious children and teenagers from reaching them. Children should not use fireworks, even sparklers or other small items, without your close supervision. Ideally, the box where the fireworks are stored will have a lock. Additionally, you should store them in a room or area that has a lock and cannot be accessed by your children. 

With proper storage, your fireworks will be kept safe until you want to use them. Additionally, the people in your home will be kept safe from potential accidents.