3 Child Toy Gun Alternatives To NERF Guns

Posted on: 28 June 2016

When visiting toy aisles at big box stores, it always seems like they are offering the same types of toy guns. If you're looking for something outside the box for your child, then you can find a number of options outside of the big retailers. NERF guns may dominate the market, but there are a number of toy guns that children can explore and have fun with. By choosing alternative types of toy guns, children can explore new ways to use the guns and have fun playing with all different types of styles. Not only are the following three types of toy guns unique, but they each have a nostalgic factor and simplicity that parents can enjoy with the children.

Rubber Band Guns

Instead of having a limited amount of foam bullets, children can literally carry hundreds of pieces of ammo in a single pocket with the purchase of a rubber band gun. These guns stretch out rubber bands and then shoot them through the air when the trigger is pulled. Rubber band guns can be purchased in a number of styles and designs. A number of these guns are crafted and designed with wood bases. This gives them a rustic look and a nice weight when carrying the gun.

Rubber band gun styles are based off a number of real gun designs. Children can pretend that they are cowboys with old-fashioned pistols and shotguns. The larger shotgun rubber band guns can use longer and further-shooting rubber bands. Military-inspired rubber ban guns are also available. Gun designs inspired by the military include scopes and long barrels. Automatic shooting allows children to load up dozens of rubber bands and blast them off in a matter of seconds. When you buy rubber band guns, children can also select from different colored rubber bands to add to the fun designs.

Ping Pong Ball Shooter

A hybrid ping pong shooter offers capabilities of shooting both ping pong balls and rubber bands on the same gun design. Shooting ping pong balls is a fun way for children to shoot at cans or other large targets like action figures. These guns operate using a thick band that pulls back and launches the ping pong ball forward. A number of these guns have cut holes in them ideal for holding and storing extra balls. The way the guns are set up makes it easy to use single-shot rubber bands on the same design. This gives children multiple ways to shoot projectiles and play different imaginative games.

Just like rubber band guns, these guns can be purchased in a rustic wooden finish. The hand-held style makes it easy for children to grip and shoot with. Multiple colors and ping pong balls are available for the gun. The gun works with any type of ping pong ball, so a whole bucket can be purchased for playing with outdoors.

Marshmallow Guns

Child can turn a fun snack into a great toy with a marshmallow gun. These guns operate either through a pump handle or a blowing mechanism. With a blowing mechanism, a child forces air through a small tube that launches the marshmallow into the air. A pump handle typically uses the same process but uses the handle to create the extra force. These types of guns are loaded with miniature marshmallows that are smaller than traditional sized ones. The soft texture of the marshmallow makes it relatively safe for children to use, especially when playing with other children.

Marshmallow guns are typically made with a plastic frame and design. They are finished in a number of different colors including bright and vivid colors that cater to children.

Shop around and look at all of the options with your children. When children understand all the different types of toy guns available, they can make a selection on which options they like the best.