Night Golfing: Four Accessories To Help You See Better In Low-Light Situations

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Golfing at night is typically regulated to mini-golf courses, but the trend is growing on many courses across the United States. Whether you want to try the novelty or are looking to expand your golfing skills with extra hours of practice, night golfing has a lot of fun advantages. Instead of using traditional equipment to go night golfing, there are pieces of equipment catered specifically to the world of darkness. Even though night golf courses are illuminated, it's still a lot darker than it would be with natural light. The following four accessories are ideal for night golfing and making your way through a variety of fun courses.

White Finish Golf Clubs

A lot of golf clubs have a dark finish to them. This can make it harder to see different sizes and make a proper selection when traveling on the course. To help stay organized with your clubs, you can purchase collections with a white finish on them. The white designs can be found on a number of club parts. When carrying the clubs in a golf bag, the white club head makes it easy to see sizes and styles. A white club grip also helps you figure out what part of the club you're gripping while shooting balls. These extra options can help decrease the time wasted while you try to find a club in low-light situations.

Clip-On Headlamps

In some cases, the lights on a golf course may not illuminate specific areas. To help add an extra boost of light, you can purchase a clip-on headlamp. These headlamps provide a small spotlight for the course and typically operate on batteries. The clip-on portion of the headlamp makes it easy to attach to other golfing accessories like visors or hats. It's a good to purchase an extra headlamp and keep it packed in your golf bag. This will help you in case the batteries die on the main headlamp that you're using.

LED Golf Balls

Easily see where your golf ball travels by purchasing LED golf balls. The balls have an illuminated LED light in the core. The lights can shine solid or flash blinkers depending on the model that you purchase. The golf balls are typically motion activated. This means that when they are hit or shaken, the ball will light up and stay lit for a few minutes. The LED lights on the balls are sold in a variety of colors. When golfing with other people, it's a good idea to assign a separately colored ball to each player. This makes it a lot easier to differentiate between the different balls during low-light situations.

Glow-in-the-dark Accessories

Glow-in-the-dark golfing accessories can help you stay organized and easily see everything you have on the golf course. Not only are they ideal for low-light situations, but they are a fun novelty that you can use on the course for night golfing. One of the more basic glow-in-the-dark supplies you can purchase are golf tees. By using these tees, you can easily see where to place your balls when shooting on each hole. Along with tees, glow-in-the-dark golfing gloves provide a fun way to grip clubs and shoot balls. Golf towels can also be purchased and hung from your golf bag. If you're renting a golf cart for the night course, then you can purchase a variety of glowing accessories, including glow sticks and hanging glow-in-the-dark decorations. This allows you to easily see the golf cart and add more illumination while traveling across the course. Not only it is a fun way to play night golf, but it can help increase visuals and safety while driving the cart.

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