4 Gorgeous Surround And Enclosure Options For Your Hot Tub

Posted on: 23 June 2016

Since your hot tub will likely become the centerpiece in your yard, you may want to select a decorative and functional surround or enclosure to frame your new addition. Your selected setting for your hot tub will not only improve the aesthetic value of your property but will also make the area feel more inviting to you and your guests. Here are four awesome surround and enclosure options you can use to dress up your hot tub.

Tiered Stairs

Tiered stairs improve the appearance of hot tubs installed on flat ground while providing you with an easy way to hop into the spa. You can completely surround round or square hot tubs in stairs or just install a single set on one side. The full surrounds hug the sides of the hot tub to look like an integral part of the outer case. If you need extra outdoor storage, select stairs with hinged tops and room for your belongings inside. You should select stairs made from stained cedar materials to protect the wood from weathering and insect damage.

Bar Surround

If you regularly entertain guests at your home, you may want to select the bar surround, which often also includes a section of steps. The surround features a raised bar that sits even with the top of the tub. Your guests can use the bar from inside or outside the tub, if you add matching bar stools around the perimeter. You may find this type of surround made from wood, stone or metal materials. Some bar surrounds even feature a lattice privacy screen on the opposite side of the spa.

Deck Alcove

You can hide your tub when not in use by choosing the deck alcove option. If your deck is set at the same height as your hot tub, you may have your builders create an area to recess the spa. Taller decks may need to be rebuilt to support the full load of the filled hot tub. Recessing your spa in the deck allows you to remain in the center of your outdoor party without leaving the comfort of the hot water. You may also enjoy sitting along the edge and just soaking your legs after a tiring workday. When your recessed spa is not in use, make sure to firmly install a hard cover to prevent injuries from trips and falls.  

Full Enclosure

To make your hot tub a private sanctuary, install your spa within a full enclosure. The enclosure you select will determine the atmosphere you enjoy when using your spa. Your spa enclosure may feature privacy screens on the doors and windows or have roll away walls to open up the space on your whim. You can also consider an enclosure with a flip open bar space that you can use when you want to keep your guests entertained. You can decorate the inside of the enclosure in any theme imaginable to personalize this fun space.  

Making Your Selection

Once you understand all of the display options available for your hot tub, you will need to start narrowing down your choices. You may weigh your local climate and property layout to find a surround or enclosure that suits your needs. If you live in a relatively rainy area, for example, you may want to go with the full enclosure or covered deck alcove to enjoy your hot tub year round without being exposed to the elements. If you do not have to worry about the weather and have limited room in your yard, you may want to choose the tiered stairs or bar surround instead. 

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