4 Men's Style Picks From Your Local Military Surplus Store

Posted on: 4 March 2016

The military and its various designs and looks has influenced American fashion in more ways than you might think over the years, and this influence continues today, perhaps stronger than ever. Certain items look just as at home on the streets of New York city as they did on a Navy aircraft carrier fifty years ago. In order to tap into this tradition, and pick up some sweet clothes in the process, here are four style picks that you should keep an eye out for at your local military surplus store. 

Flight Jacket (M-65)

The olive green flight jacket is a staple of urban style, and has been for nearly fifty years. These jackets originated during the Vietnam War, and can be found in military surplus stores across the country today. What's ideal about getting these jackets from the military surplus store is that the quality is often on par with jackets actually worn by the military that were built to outlast rain, snow, and the stress of combat, making them extremely durable purchases. 


Believe it or not, the modern peacoat was originally designed for sailors hundreds of years ago, and the features that made these jackets perfect for the seafaring also make them perfect for daily wear today. With a thick wool shell and flaps that can fold up to protect your face, military surplus peacoats are what you reach for when the weather heads south quickly. 

Watch Cap

Knit beanies are all over the place today, but picking something with a little more heritage can set your headwear apart from the pack. A watch cap, like the peacoat mentioned above, really became an American fashion icon after being issued to sailors during World War II, though the history of the wool knit hat far precedes even the United States. Today, you can find both the old-school versions and more high-tech, lined versions to suit your needs, especially if you can find a military surplus store that focuses on vintage apparel and more modern fixings. 

Work Boots

Last but certainly not least, the humble work boot is perhaps the best kept secret at military surplus stores like Andy and Bax. These shops will often carry a huge variety of boots that are both name brand and were designed for the military. The best part about buying your work boots from a military surplus store is that they are, after all, surplus, so prices are almost guaranteed to be more attractive than at a department store.