5 Gift Ideas For The Motocross Enthusiast In Your Life

Posted on: 22 July 2015

Coming up with original and thoughtful gift ideas for loved ones can be a challenge. A good option is to buy them something that relates to their favorite hobby, and if their hobby is motocross, you're in luck. Motocross can be an expensive, gear-intensive hobby, so chances are good that the motocross lover in your life always needs more dirt biking gear and accessories. Here are five great motocross gift ideas:

Motocross Boots

A motocross enthusiast can never have too many pairs of motocross gaerne boots, especially considering the beating they take. If the dirt bike rider in your life is still rocking their original pair of entry level motocross boots, they'll be thrilled if you upgrade them to something a little nicer and more advanced. High quality motocross boots will not only protect their feet and legs, but allow them to more easily maneuver their bike. To keep your gift a surprise, sneak into their closet and look at their existing motocross boots to find their size.

A New Helmet

Much like boots, your loved one most likely already has a motocross helmet or two but would probably be thrilled with an upgrade to something nicer. If they're a newer motocross rider, they may just be borrowing an old helmet from a friend and would definitely love to have their own.

For an extra thoughtful touch, try to coordinate the style and colors with that of the boots. Some features to look for in a motocross helmet include lightweight fiberglass material, removable and washable liners, and plenty of vents to keep the rider's head cool and comfortable in warm weather.

Tickets to a Motocross Event

For motocross enthusiasts, the only thing that might be even more fun than riding dirt bikes themselves is watching the professionals show off their moves at motocross events. Motocross events can be local or national and are generally a fun, lively time.

You might even want to accompany your loved one to a motocross event. After cheering on the riders and watching their crazy tricks and jumps, you'll probably understand what all the fuss is about. This can be a great way to bond with your loved one who is into motocross. 

Hydration System

Spending a lot of time on a dirt bike in the hot sun and dust can easily lead to dehydration. In addition, some of the common symptoms of dehydration, like dizziness and muscle weakness, can be really dangerous when riding a dirt bike, potentially leading to a crash. Dehydration can especially be a problem when participating in endurance or long distance motocross events.

Help counteract the risk of dehydration in your loved one by buying them a hydration system that they can strap around their back. Hydration packs allow motocross riders to drink water through a straw in the pack without interrupting their ride. 

Action Sports Camera

While a bit of a splurge, an action sports camera makes an excellent gift for motocross lovers. While they're enjoying their ride, the camera records all of the excitement. This means they can relive their ride long afterward and share the excitement with their friends too.

Action sports cameras can be strapped onto a motocross helmet and the video footage can easily be uploaded online, including to any motocross-related web forums your loved one participates in. This is a very versatile gift, since they can also use the camera in a variety of non-motocross settings.

 By purchasing one of these motocross-related gifts for your loved one, you will show them that you care about them and their interests much more than if you just bought them a more generic, less personal gift.